Insurgency:Sandstorm weapons realistic inaccurate problem

I find out that many weapons in the game have certain realistic inaccurate problem.
1.The magazines of the Uzi is weird,25 rounds magazine looks like 32,and 32 rounds magazine looks like 40.
2.The window of PMAG on the MK 18 CQBR(MK 18 Mod 1) doesn't show the remaining ammunition.
3.The stock of AKM is wrong.
4.The Alpha AK(AK 105) used 5.45x39mm,not 7.62x39mm,I mean made out your mind,you either make it become AK 104 or just make it right.
5.The Remington 870 sort of mixed up with Remington 870 MCS,it has Remington 870's forend but it also has Remington 870 MCS stock.
6.The bolt of SKS(Norinco SKS-D)is not supposed to lock back after last shot.
7.While reloading an empty M24, you still can see bullet inside of it.
Internet,Youtube and Wikipedia
Uzi magazines0_1549042174962_f1ddc424-ca07-493e-9285-5b5763687ea0-image.png
AK104(notice the magazine have curve like AKM magazine.)0_1549188356410_b8007d0f-f27f-4cae-817f-02f4da6cad7b-image.png
Remington 870 Express Tactical0_1549041525474_cca15708-8e65-46d7-ab48-38c9fd2f7eeb-image.png
Remington 870 MCS0_1549041379885_424bdd11-fced-4aa4-b5f2-a53385d0364d-image.png
Real SKS-D(This is not my Youtube video)

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I think most of the magazine sizes are the way they are for balancing purposes - you spend 1 supply point on the extended mags which give you a bit more ammo BUT the reload time is closer to that of standard mags, or you can dunk 3 points into a drum mag which gives you significantly moar dakka at the cost of slower reloads.

If theater editing becomes possible however I would be quite delighted to use realistic mag counts.

This is not a realism game and as @edbods said, magazines are the way to provide balancing and tactical options when you customize your weapon on a match.

why is that related to realistic problem? I'm not trashing the game development team,I know the magazine capacity are essential to tactics,but how come you don't want it become better,the only magazine capacity issue I talked about is Uzi magazine, if it stick with reality,you can have 32 rounds magazine for original,40 rounds magazine for extended,and that is the benefit of realistic,but if they only changes the looks of the magazine...,than that's a whole 'nother story, by the way there is a lots of "extended" magazine actually can provide you more dakka than now.