Really?? (Competitive)

Earlier today I was playing competitive which I don’t do very often for various reasons but I decided to play some today and I have two things to say out of my short time playing it. First off (and this one is the less important of the two to me but...) in a game mode like fire fight with only five versus five I think there should only be two objectives or there should be more people. At the end of my first game which my team won I finished with nine captures and only two kills. The amount of time in between running to objectives capturing them and engaging enemies is way too far apart and it was quite boring at times. Either way onto my second and main problem. The second game I played when I was the last person alive (which happened often because my team was stupid) I constantly had a “DEAD” teammate telling me to go to A even though I was in the process of capturing B. So in competitive of all game modes the dead can communicate with the living? This fact right here alone will make me never play competitive ever again as that is just an abomination. In a game you devs boast as being “realistic” that’s just so sad. Oh well...

It's almost like the gamemodes and level design is unconducive to competitive play...

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If you were last alive capping b your teamate could have been correct in telling you to run to a. If time ran out it wouldnt matter that you capped b because the other team would still have a and c. Running to cap a would fix this. In regard to you getting 9 obj and 2 kills thats just you buddy. Could be related to your ranking but i tend to get upwards of 16 kills and only 2-3 captures.

@angus You are completely missing my point here... I could not care less what this person wants to tell me even if it means maybe we could win! He’s dead I’m not maybe he shouldn’t run off and die like a retard then he could talk to me but I don’t listen to dead people because I shouldn’t be able to hear them. They are dead...!

@angus And I’m happy for your 16 kills but not really as I once again could not care less how many kills you get... Once again not my point. Good day to you sir!


I have yet to do a competitive game. Brand new player, tried competitive three different times but kept waiting forever only to never join a game.

Not sure how this game's competitive play works but the living shouldn't be able to talk to the dead. Of course there is always discord but today's game advances seem to stray away from the lost art of true competitive gaming.