chaos, a better boarding faction then tyranids

title says it all
600speed assault boats with a good crit chance on the upgrade
4 bays per ship
and they have lightning strikes available

its sad that marines are a better boarding faction then nids, but acceptable
because marine fanboys will deny reality everywhere
but chaos too?

Tyranids destroy morale na eat everything by getting close and boarding.

Chaos does have better assault boats, but you cannot rely on them at all if the opponent uses Brace for Impact + AAF, and has any proper use of Fighters. That meta has passed since BETA1. No idea what you are talking about here.

nah you can still do it with chaos because of their assault boat speed
brace wont do anything as they are the only faction with a proper dive
a braced hiveship with full shield wont stop a single chaos assault boat

and just because nids have a skill as mandatory as the necron pyramidal because its the only thing that does morale doesnt make them morale killers

Are you telling me that, let's say Cruisers on All Ahead Full + brace, are slower than Chaos assaul boats?

depends wich cruiser
but you launch assault boats close range anyway
in wich case yes because chaos ones go strait for their target

So if Chaos carriers decide to close the distance... riiight 🦌

retaliator is just a bigger slaughter
slaughters are at max mid range ships
chaos can brawl, and can do so even better with their insane assault boats wile having a bomber treat at long range

@ashardalon retaliators are fat and slow, with more firepower than the fast slaughter. The weapons have the same name but the retaliators deal more damage

@aram_thehead yea retaliators dont do well in the eldar canser meta, great all round ship tho
pretty sure the retaliator just have more of the same weapon, but still same weapon type even if its a bigger one