Alpha channels

Alright guys, so i was trying to make the winch cable invisible. When you delete the texture altogether you get a white texture and I tried messing around with the texture itself, creating some alpha channels using white and black in the alpha channel. Didn't work either...

Does anyone know how to make it fully transparent?

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DiffuseMultiplier="(-255;-255;-255)" added to the XML would make it transparent, not sure if there's a way to do it using only the texture file itself though.

@mexican_420 nah. There is no xml. It's probably hardcoded. @Tattoo got any ideas?

@roughrider, What's the name of the file again? I'm looking but forget it's name.

edit: I found the texture but I can't a file to go with it so I'm guessing it's hard coded.
The texture name is env_rope_winch__d and there is no _a which stands for alpha. So I don't think it's possible unless there's an .xml that can be changed. Sorry

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@roughrider, Yup, just as I thought. It's called from the .exe.


@RoughRider hi guys, what is the "chart" i'm looking at? is this what an opened .exe file looks like?

@rufus that's a hexadecimal display. I used to use one of those for cracking android games.