Imperial campaign suggestions.

Around turn 90 of imperial campaign on hard with the emergency gauge on and have a few things id like to suggest to make the experience better.

Siding with the eldar, As soon as you choose the eldar over the inquisition there should be an IMMEDIATE cessation of hostilities from them, how does it make sense that your on the quest path to forge an alliance yet they are still attacking you? Ive even gone so far as to finish the quest line and so many things are bothering me. I assumed once i finished the battle to defend the craftworld that all current eldar invasions would disappear, which didnt happen. I also assumed that i didnt need to fight the eldar fleet in orbit around around the planet where the battle takes place, however after completing the mission i still have to fight them or retreat (which isnt an option since i passed through multiple enemy systems to get here on this assumption) Does that make sense? "Oh Eldar im gonna help you defend the craftworld, gimme a sec while i destroy your fleet...." This just seems like terrible design and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Using Spire, it annoys me to no end that EVERY objective requires spire to be present, given that he has only 4 move points at max level. Even the one that dont specifically say "with spire go to etc etc" still come up with "spire must be present" when you try to launch the battle. This again seems a terrible design when you can only complete objectives with spire, and they are scattered throughout every sector making the objectives take needlessly long to do which only makes the emergency gauge system even more annoying. For example i have Spire all the way up in caliban, the northern most sector, then get an new system opening up in the very south of agripinna, the southern most sector.. for the Road to Holy Terra mission and yet i have to have spire to do it?? Either make all but the main story missions doable for any character, or Give space stations the ability to recall a fleet in one turn, at least for Spire anyway.

Really enjoying the game over all, obviously its still new and is gonna have some issues just trying to give some suggestions to improve the experience for others 🙂

I'm at a similar point to you and also on hard and agree that it would be nice if spire didn't have to everywhere - I fear that in having to keep urgency down I'll miss some fun side missions