[Report] Fighting a Russian player turns your ship names Russian

I was fighting someone (I was Drukhari, he was Mech) with a Russian username, I checked my ship names and they were all in Russian (my game is set on English), very odd minor bug.

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Their meddling knows no bounds.. 😂

Weirdly enough, I had this happen to me in Beta 2; different languages weren't even supported in that Beta, but lo and behold my ship names had transformed into what appeared to be Cyrillic.

I believe it is when the russian player is the server as seen in the top left. You will have ping or server up there.

I've also seen names in chinese or japanese.

It seem to be a cause of the peer-to-peer system where the "host" of the match is the one dictating the language & name-pool of the ships spawned.