Chaos - how to play it in the current meta?

Hi guys, just wondering what are your lists.

So far the only list working for me is either 6x Slaughter + escorts SPAM, or the same with Acherons. And I hate spam. The rest, or any mixture of ships seems like just throwing pebbles.
When I win, I win sorely by objectives, but I cannot destroy anything (unless I use the damn Slaughters). The dps seems to pathetic when compared to the opposition (unless I face IN). Eldar (3x), Necrons, Tau (2x), outdps Chaos so bad is seems the ships are made of cardboard and we're throwing pebbles at the enemy.

I had a blast with Chaos in Beta 1 and Beta 2. Now I can't seem to make them work.

I've tried lance-heavy fleets, macro heavy fleets - no change at all. Puny dps.

Stick with speed and macros. Chaos lances are just not working, yeah the crit buff for lock on is nice however the anti-crit buffs ships just received makes them useless against all but escorts and LCs. If you face an LC spam fleet you won't do enough DPS/crits before they pull your face off either.

Wait for the next balance patch.

The last crit buff on lances sounds good, but in reality it is not worth it for chaos. Increasing the crit chance 1% to 2% isn't a big benefit. The DPS output in comparisson to the hull points is to low. I am looking foreward to the next patch.

Devs have buffed lances with doubled crit chance and at the same time nerfed crits. Enjoy, Chaos, you've earned it!

The best Chaos fleet is probably 6 slaughters with Slaanesh or Nurgle, a skill of your choice, AP ammo and boosting while silent.

Carnages are also good, you can do 5 with 7 escorts and focus on kiting + map control or 6 with 2 and play it like a longer ranged Slaughter fleet.

5 archerons and 2 escorts with Tzeen cloud / Slaanesh can kite even good players on most faction. But you'll probably lose against any competent Eldar, because you don't do as much DPS as them (especially through holos) and you can't avoid brawling because they are faster than you.

Chaos is probably the most unsatisfying faction to play right now. The dps is abysmal so it take SOOO long to kill things. I just got out of a game against a tyranid where i spent upwards of around 10 minutes of constantly kiting his ships while my carnages did painfully slow dps. I just got so bored of the game i let him catch up to me to brawl and i ended up losing anyway even though i had the advantage of 10 minutes of constant fire on him.

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@CHIN00K Imagine kiting with macros and not diving the synapse

So I've tried 4x Styx today. Works only around 1/4 of the time.

6x Slaughter is the only build that seems to be working atm, including vs Tau and most Eldar. Still you cannot catch some and they simply outrange/dps you.

It's a pity, so many ships that only shoot pebbles. I loved the varied chaos fleets in BFG1, Beta1 and Beta2. Nothing seems to be working since release, at least for me.

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