I just got destroyed by asuryani in a few seconds

I used 2 despoilers(chaos) for carrier fights with boarding, everything went well and than I encountered Asuryani they just came for me with full speed got behind my ships and destroyed 1 despoiler after like 5 seconds fight.

Is this normal or did this guy use a OP build, I dont remember getting rekt by them so fast in the beta?

Asuryani are the strongest faction at the moment. Especially against large ships like your despoiler. They get 8 torpedoes each on their standard 200 point cruiser. He definitely just point-blank shot you with like 24 torpedoes and scrapped your ships in 1 or two runs. There's not a lot you can do against them right now.

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Yup that's eldar. Taking a heavy tonnage fleet, by that i mean Battleships, (you took two Eldar EXCEL at hurting slow moving targets.) usually ends badly.

A different fleet composition may prove more helpful in future battles. try a mix of Cruisers, Battlecruisers, maybe a BB and definitely some escorts. 🙂

Taking heavy ships without HET vs. Eldar with plentiful torps is going to end really badly for you for the most part.

It's a combination of you using a weaker build in this particular matchup, and Eldar torps over-performing.