Cannot Interact with Map on Imperial Campaign (Clicking on First System/Ships)

Hi guys,

I couldn't find this issue on the forums and I was just wondering if this is known about or scheduled for a fix. I've reinstalled the game twice but every time after I start the Imperial Campaign and complete the "introduction level" where you meet Spire and the gang, I continue because I can't interact with the campaign map. I can't click on the First System (I think its Belirus or Belisarius). I can circumvent this by clicking on the drop down menu of systems and then I can click on the planet but then it asks me to click on Spire's fleet and I can't, there is however an outline of the fleet. If you need me to elaborate on anything further I'd be happy to. I know this isn't a section to complain but I'm really looking forward to playing but this bug is frustrating to say the least.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I have the exact same problem and the game is unplayable due to this.

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