When i completed the part with all 4 champions, next main quest said i need mechanics, space marine and imperial fleet led with spire, all with 900 fleet strength. I've got all 3 but marine and mechanicus parts of the quest completed and spire fleet is not. I do have enough points and the fleet is with Spire but the quest does not update. I cleared all the other sidequests and conquered every single node on the map and still nothing.
I thought it could be connected with my Spire called "Спайр" (in russian) since i changed the text language and it doesnt change the language of active quests and currently existing admirals and i dont have an admiral actually called "Spire" but changing back to russian did nothing too before or after the issuing of the bugged quest.

*Removing the ships and building up again to 900 points doesn't help
*Restarting game/steam/pc doesn't help
*Reloading previous save or starting almost from start also doesnt help, bug consistantly softlocks the game at "preparation for the end of times" quest.
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