Option to disengage ships with destroyed gererators

If a ship has taken heavy damage it often also suffers multible system failures but you can't manually disengage ships with damaged or destroyed generators, so that you have to park them on the side of the map if you don't want to loose them but then you are unable to get any reinforcements. At the moment the only option to get these ships from the map is to wait for a mutiny, which is unreliable and impossible with some factions.
It would be great if would implement the option to disengage ships with destroyed generators manually from the side of the map.

I'm in support of this idea. Perhaps if the generator is destroyed, if you are able to move the ship to the very edge of the battle arena, the 'Emergency Warp Out' gets replaced with a 'Leave Field of Battle', where the ship just paths out (same as a ship undergoing a mutiny would).