tyranid pathing needs a long hard look

the only jaw devourer i have not had trouble with keeping front facing was the one that had its jaw permacritted
every other jaw devourer or any other jaw tyranid constantly refuses to follow orders and tries to point its jaws away from the enemy in every situation they can possibly do it
weather told to do 0k front attack move or just told to move forward
as soon as they get near an enemy they try to turn away
and thats just trying to attack them on their own, once there are other tyranid ships nearby it just gets worse

these are melee ships, them following commands precisely is essential for them to be usable at all

Experiencing this also, they are by far the worst race for this, perhaps because of the lack of manoeuvres to get out of it, but it's a definite issue.

They seem to get caught up in one anothers tentacles far too easily.

Edit: It is as if they are simply "too long"

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Here's an example:


Nothing, nothing could separate these two. Not even cancelling all orders of rear one and driving front guy straight ahead (around the 51s mark). Very frustrating.

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Necrons have similar pathing issues, maybe because they are so wide compared to other races, but sometimes a weird issue happens where they cannot turn when motionless, even disabling the don’t move option when I use it to turn in a big great loop, usually into another necron ship.

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