Webseries Episode 2: Dark Ages

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Welcome back to A Plague Tale Webseries. We’re happy and thankful that many of you appreciate the work of our team.With this webserires, plunge into the darkest hours of history, and discover the creative process behind the game!

The second episode: Dark Ages is now available!

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After a first episode which mainly focused on the young sibling protagonists Amicia and Hugo, Episode 2: Dark Ages takes us to the Middle Ages. Discover the process that went into forging a grounded, realistic world, set in one of the darkest hours of human history.

The creative team at Asobo Studio explains their inspiration for the world they built - from visiting real French villages whose layouts, streets and buildings find their roots in medieval times, to taking cues from famous painters to craft the game’s naturalistic lighting. The carefully crafted world serves to enrich the story and the characters, and contributes to creating this moving, emotional experience.

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Stay tuned for the third episode, available Thursday next week.

A Plague Tale: Innocence releases May 14, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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I love your approach to architecture. Thank you team for your hard work in trying to make the experience as immersive and true to the setting as possible! Very interesting. How many webisodes will there be in total?

Hi @Bright,
You can expect a brand new one in a few days ! It will the last episode of this webseries.
We will continue to provide you more informations about production and new behind-the-scenes though 😉

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@Raibi Great! Looking forward to watching it. Thank you!