After playing duo's in multiplayer, I have some general suggestions for multiplayer:

-Allow players to ping locations in game. These pings should show up on the battle field and the mini map and notify the player with some sound feedback.

-Number the objectives to allow coordination between players. it's been a pain to describe which objective to go for versus just saying the specific one like "A" or "1"

-Distinguish enemy and ally AoE abilities with different colors. Teams are already different colors, why not keep apply those to the AoE indicator on the map.

-Retain fleet actives and upgrades when changing the fleet colors

-When a MP game is finished, players should remain in the same party instead of requiring another invite.

-Allow for general priority target/system target configuration so that you do not have to reapply the priorities each game.

-In-game timer

-Require terrain features to be near majority of the objectives for consistency when playing against the hit and run factions or the general match up where one fleet must play the long capture point game.