Desirable fix for rescuing stalled vehicles

This issues has been mentioned before by others, how overturned vehicles can be needlessly difficult to rescue, and I'd like to add my voice to the following fixes which should be relatively easy to make:

  • Allow manual steering or left/right steer preference in overturned vehicles. It looks like this was in the original SpinTires but was removed for some odd reason. Auto-steering is fine for towed vehicles that are on their wheels, but not for overturned vehicles.
  • For overturned vehicles default to the "pull" winch rather than the "drive" winch. It's annoying to have to keep switching this, when the overturned vehicle has no ability to drive since it can't start the engine.

Sometimes dragging a vehicle onto a slope and then pulling it from the other side (down-slope) works, but some vehicles are too tall or heavy to be rescued this way.

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@8up-local I figured. I think it was you who first complained about this. I was kind of indifferent about it until I had to rescue a T40 tractor (old, heavy, tall tractor) several times. What a pain! I still love that tractor though.

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Although I understand the reason for saying this I kinda disagree.

As many vehicles would have gearbox powered winches, the idea that the winch can't work if the engine can't start is reasonable.

There are few things more frustrating than losing your truck halfway across the map but after a while, that's become part of the fun for me. How the hell can I recover. If I can't I have to restart. Tears but hey, I'll be more careful next time. Also the pucker-factor involved when your truck is on the verge of going over is real. You know if it's going over, you're in a world of pain.

Perhaps it's something to be considered for casual mode, but for hardcore I reckon they should leave it as is. Also I guess they could change the achievement tree so that to get that final "map completed in hardcore mode" achievement, all helpers are turned off.

@zoglet You need to slow down and read better. I never complained that the winch doesn't work if the engine can't start.

i do not mind stalled/rolled vehicles, but to not be able to steer them is a little much, especially when they do steer (auto steer) when you hook to them with the winch. example, truck stalled/rolled on it's right side wheels turned to the right. you are on the left side of the truck in another vehicle and hook the winch to it. it will auto steer to the left as soon as you hook up the winch. however if you was in that stalled/rolled truck you can not steer. bit of a double standard you could say. lol

steering a rolled vehicle is a nice extra to have. it will allow you to turn the rolled vehicles wheels into the ground to help it lessen the possibility of sliding and help it grip when pulling it over back to it's wheels.

as for whether or not the winch should work if the truck is not running. i am fine with that. i have STMod for that if i want or i just play without it. i prefer the challenge of playing vanilla, but modded does give some extra perks and features if wanted.

@unster said in Desirable fix for rescuing stalled vehicles:

@zoglet You need to slow down and read better. I never complained that the winch doesn't work if the engine can't start.

@Unster, if we're handing out advice, you need to consider other ways to respond to people who are contributing to the discussion, perhaps consider adding clarification if you think there's been a misinterpretation.

There are a number of situations (e.g. overturning into a swamp entry ramp or generally where you have a large incline) where during vehicle recovery, once the vehicle has righted itself, it is useful that it uses its own power to aid in the recovery. In these cases, I would rather already be in drive mode than pull, as menu navigation in the middle of that recovery is a bigger pain.

Either way, respecting your opinion and preference, I guess there's an argument for both scenarios. Perhaps it's something that could one day be defined in gameplay settings.

@zoglet I usually don't respond this way. I just noticed that you were bumping a bunch of old threads including mine, almost spamming the forum, yet you didn't take the time to actually understand what I was saying. So my suggestion to slow down and read better stands. Sorry if I offended, that wasn't the intent.

@unster I used to be quite active on the forum for some time but then drifted off in the last months. I returned after hearing rumours of MR2 update so just looked down the list of unread posts and responded to the ones that seemed interesting or relevant to me. I didn’t think that it might look like spamming to someone who’s been active more recently, apologies if it came across that way. Also I must admit I’m occasionally guilty of not reading or absorbing all ten pages of a post before chirping in with my two penneth but hey, I guess we can all claim to be guilty of that can’t we? 😉

Anyway, just to be clear, I am a long standing ‘returning’ fan of MudRunner and have been since the original XBox release. Although of course I can only give a subjective opinion, I would hope my posts, as well as my opinions, generally come across as well considered, and my motivations for posting, like everyone here, are generally to help those asking for advice and hopefully help MudRunner comtimue to be as good a game as it can be.

Apologies again if my ‘enthusiastic return’ raised a spamming flag for you. I can see in retrospect how it might have done.

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