Connection Option suggestion(s): Allow URL instead of only IP. Remember last entry too.

Myself and some friends play mainly on a server hosted on a box I run at home.

Instead of being able to simply connect to "<>:<port>", we all have to instead type in my IP address, which invariably changes from time to time. I have a dynamic DNS URL which obviously would be far simpler to enter instead!

So please let us type in a URL instead of only an IP address to connect to.

Furthermore, when first entering the game, and even if we come out of the game, we have to enter the whole address again, so please simply just remember and default the last CONNECTION address entry, so all you have to do is press the connect button...

Hey @NeilFawcett,

Thank you for this suggestion! I'll forward it to the team!

Is it not possible to use the Steam server browser?
If not, could you replicate it's functionality (History, Favorites and Friends)?

Definitely +1 on the request for DNS input!

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Another example why defaulting the last "Connect to IP" is so useful. If you type the wrong IP by accident, or type the wrong password by accident, you're spat out of the entire screen, only to re-enter it again with a blank "Connect to IP" again.

So yes, allowing a URL (instead of an IP) would be very nice, but also remembering/defaulting the last "Connect to IP" entered would be useful too!