Most of this QOL features were there in BFGA1, i dont think they are hard to implement now

  • Let us preset the very first move order of the ships after clicking the READY button like in BFGA1. Why there is not such feature in this second iteration of the game?

  • Do not delete the selection of Skills and Abilities when changing sub faction

  • Add visual shortcut for AAF HET and BR too

  • Stealth, Identified, Detected and Marked Icons should be on the ships too... Maybe a little icon near healthbar or stance. This is really important because with with large fleets you can miss the moment one of your ships become identified or detected and the only way to know is to click on it.

  • As for BFGA1 add the command to auto-use an ability (such as boarding) in the first moment it could be used.

  • Allow player to click on a fighter/bomber/whatever squadron to see its scanner range

  • Add detailed skill description (with numbers and such) in fleet builder