So I love the game first off, very balanced and very fun but I have noticed a couple things that I think need to be touched on or addressed.
The first is the BOUNDRY issues - I understand that this is to stop premature captures and Spawn camping, again I understand that but when I am in the same area,with only a few yards away from where combat is taking place, AS A MARKSMAN ... I cant help but feel cheated out of some of the best Sniper Positions in the game. That could provide a GREAT advantage to me...for a short time.
Secondly I am REALLY disliking joining a game either at the end or even halfway through, I that ALOT of people wanna jump right in.. but me I'd wait for a whole new game to START, I dont wanna be at the end of a match or join into a losing game. I think an easy fix would be for that to be a choice on the game. a Start Right Away or Wait for New Game option.
Next I have had a couple games where I question a couple of players and would like to re-watch the game. I have had some games NOT upload the entire match, so I am unable to confirm any suspicion , that is somehting I think needs to be fixed, I could be missing something here but. I have seen the replay vids behave very funky and make someone playing legit seem questionable or again not uplaod a whole match so nothing can be confirmed or disproven.
Another thing I am disliking is not being able to see scores throughout the whole game. If I see someone with a 45 kills and 2 deaths... that right there peeks my interest, but alot of times I cant see anything throughout. I have also seen players with lvls of 99 or 200+ ...I mean this game came out in Dec. ...?? definitly something I wanna look into.
Again I could be missing information on any of these subjects but I thought I would share my concerns/Issues - None of these are going to keep me from playins as I think this is one of the best games thus far.