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Would you add switching Holo sight to 2x holo sight option ? I played call of duty and Δ± saw it also it avaible in real guns .

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Basically the same topic. I absolutely disagree with such a proposition, as you can guess reading through the topic. Those are already in the game (2x kobra/holo sight/red dot), you just can't put the magnifier away. And that's a very good thing for gameplay balance.

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@grumf Δ± used this scope in many games and it never disrupt balances and reality . Also in battlefield and call of duty ,escape from takarov

@grumf also this game has modern guns and attachments , mortar support and C4 Drones in my opinion this is a 21st century game :smiling_face_with_open_mouth: Δ± dont agree your opininon but Δ± respect πŸ˜€

They could add an option so that you can, but it would be a variant and cost you more supply points.

As much as it may or may not balance the game, something should be done so that your longer range loadouts can still be viable in CQC.

@mr-rain when you are the last one alive you get up, pull a pistol, and handle your business.

It doesn’t really make much sense that you can’t flip the magnifier, but Grumf does have a good point about it. My solution would be to give both sides a new, actual 2x scope and make the red dot + magnifier cost 4-5 supply points.

@emircan In CoD, which is very arcadey and has a lot of cool and arguably unbalanced gadgets, it doesn't matter. Battlefield is far from achieving what Sandstorm does in terms of gameplay balance, too, and the pace is much more twitchy and nervous. As for EFT, it's not the same game at all. The scale and high TTK make it okay to have such sights. Sandstorm is way smaller and that gadget would ruin the game to the point at which everyone would be forced to use it not to be left behind.

Read the topic I linked you, the debate already happened.

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@grumf alright sir it looks like it's over πŸ˜€ that balance is really boring πŸ€’

@emircan It's not boring. It's balanced πŸ˜‰
Use your pistol, or a laser pointer when you use scopes, and it'll be alright. If it's too much, resupply or pick some dead dude's gun on the ground. Options are there for those who know how to play without cool gadgets that take the skill level down.

There : alt text

You see that mod for Ins2 ? It's almost the same as what you ask. Try to use it, and you'll get how overpowered it is to have multiple zoom levels on one single weapon. It is indeed flexible, practical, but... It destroys balance. The person using that in a server where others don't is highly favored. You can say something like "but this would be part of the game and everyone would have access to it for X supply points". Yeah, sure. I bet you 100 bucks that everyone would then use it, making the attachment an obligated no-brainer choice, just as AP ammo in Ins2.

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@grumf that scope is insane ! God 😍 what is it's name ? 😍

@emircan Leupold something... Can't remember for sure.

Guess this is the third thread I have seen about this.

It is not a viable option due to game balance. Sandstorm wants you to commit to decisions made with your loadout. If you want to engage on mid to long range, you need to invest points for these scopes and you will be at a disadvantage on shorter ranges.

Giving players "the best of both worlds" would break that balance.

@mr-rain in Sandstorm 1x scope is my long range option .. distances are not that big πŸ™‚ ... but I agree .. flip up mag scope or angled ironsight could be benefitial for those who need to zoom in a bit .. I would make it 4 supply points configuration though

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@mlb7 said in Hybrid Sight:

@mr-rain when you are the last one alive you get up, pull a pistol, and handle your business.

End of discussion.

I would absolutely LOVE to see those options (Angled ironsights; magnifier that can be switched off and on) in Sandstorm. I played Battlefield 4 just because of this; unfortunately BF4 is a dumb game. And Escape form Tarkov is way to too hardcore for me.
I can see the point with balance though. When a Pro sniper can go CQC as well then there is a big chance that he/she is overpowered. BUT there is always the possibility to make a combination of sights (e.g. angled and 2x Red dot) very expensive. 5 points for that would make it harder or impossible to buy armor.
So all in all: it would be very nice touch in terms of weapon customization and just a cool thing to play with.

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I would love to see this in game, i was honestly surprised when i realized you couldn't flip down the magnifier.

Imo a good way to implement this would be to make the folding magnifier much more expensive and have a separate 2x only scope that maintains the current point cost.

3rd time's the charm:

On the x'th thread on hybrid sights copypasta:

When I equip a 2x, it feels like I have sniper capabilities to quite a far distance without the disadvantage of getting tunnel vision by using a higher zoomed scope. At the same time as you mention my capabilities of clearing a room goes down, and I would either need to practice hip-fire to a great extent or be careful when approaching cqb objectives. In a pvp firefight some objectives will be better suited with a 2x than other ones, and if I am last man standing or need to approach an objective with cqb, maybe I would need to take into account that I would need to resupply without a scope or outsmart enemies by positioning myself in a way that my 2x will not put me in great disadvantage - Maybe also using a well placed frag or prefire through some walls or at some corners - This challenge makes the experience more thrilling and gives me the awareness that by thinking about my tactics in new ways and practice difficult scenarios gives me room to improve because the game will limit some options by my choice of equipment - During time, I will have preferred loadouts that may vary between maps and is one of the reasons I like games that forces the player to practice their skills and make choices with consequences to viable strategies. This creates incentive for players to choose different loadouts based on maps, personal skill and the role you would like to fill in the specific game you are joining. Games trying to fill a niche will always have players who have not yet found preferred strategies in several situations until it clicks and you get that - Aha, if I did this or that the next time it would have worked out better. The prize paid will always be that it is possible to never find the best strategies for some people and feel like the game mechanics are not optimal - The reward of finding solutions to the challenges created by not making loadouts that works great in all scenarios is a great feature in my opinion.

Edit: If you believe hybrid scopes does not affect game balance this post is a clear example of what a huge impact on balance it has. If you think everything can be balanced by point systems, costing more points so you cant afford armour, you are not very skilled in pvp because armour is useless for many skilled players so point balancing is not the solution to introducing OP features. And if you want this feature against bots, I say why not, go ahead, its not breaking the game as it will just be a way of lowering the difficulty for yourself.

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