So the last match I played I wanted to share a little clip of me trying for about 2 minutes and utterly failing to pick up a grenade off of the floor because it was I guess to close to a toilet..? This obviously lead to my eventual death as I was very determined to pick this impossible grenade up trying to do so from many different positions. But once again as per usual the replay is not available..! Sooo I was just going to pretend it didn’t happen like I do with a shit ton of things in this game then I decided I would make another post about the broken replays. Guess I’m hoping that after the next update I will actually be able to show video evidence to back my claims unless you guys well you know fix everything.. 😂 Just sayin!!

I just came here to start another History thread. The feature is pretty much useless, with too many problems to really remember. Off the top of my head:

  1. Most of my past games show "Live" and only show the first few (very few) minutes of the first round. This includes matches that are days or even weeks old.

  2. Camera control is non existent (or so unintuitive that I can't use it).

  3. Character models sometimes freeze in a particular orientation, leading to apparent backwards or sideways running and displaying the character aiming in a very different direction than where they're actually shooting.

  4. Characters that are killed do not fall. They just drop their weapons and stand in the position in which they were when they were shot. Not the worst bug by far, but rag dolls would make for far more interesting videos.

I would love to use the History feature to make some really interesting videos, but the feature just isn't functional.

@skillet Amen brotha! 😂 The one time it really did work well for me and I was able to find and cut a bit of video I wanted to share with the devs. I was sitting on a sandbag neext to a door but not even close to in the path of the doors travel and a guy breached the door via kick breach and it killed me with my legs absolutely exploding off of my body. This was very early in the beta and I shared the vid via WeTransfer as instructed by a mod and he replied to me that he had sent it off to the devs! A very rare occurrence (mostly due to replays being broken AF).. Either way the video was actually quite damn funny never the less. Would be nice to capture and share all the craziness that is S.S. I don’t do YouTube and can’t seem to figure out Nvidias bullshit or Windows game bar as neither let me record the past only current and moving forward. It doesn’t work even if I have them recording everything in the background which I don’t want to do anyways. And even then if those two worked the way I wanted you can’t slow it down and really focus on what you are trying to highlight such as me firing 5 bullets right on target who is 3 feet in front of me with none of the bullets registering.

OK, I rescind #2. You can control the camera pretty well, but it takes some figuring and getting used to. When I have a few extra minutes, I'll post a guide in General Discussion.