Ships Missing in Campaign

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i noticed that in Campign (medium), in Battle i dont have all the ships in the "ships list" on the campaign screen.
They just dont appear in battle, even if they show in the precombat screen.
Am i doing somethin wrong? is there a ship Cap or something?

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What do you mean with precombat screen? The only precombat screen is the fleet screen, where you see both opposing sides. And in the center is a big number, your command limit. As much ships will be deployed as fit into this limit, usually this means one whole fleet and part of the second fleet.

like Hjalfnar_HGV said, you've got a point limit of how many ships can be used at any given point of the battle, BUT, if you disengage or lose some of your ships, the not used ones come in to the battlefield as reinforcements at your starting line;
(there's no notification so just keep an eye out on your map/ship list)

Yes i meant the fleet screen. Holy emprah i didnt know that-so warp jumping out of battle makes reinforcements available?

Btw did i overread these mechanics? Or did they appear somewhere ingame?

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Nope, you don't get any info on this, sadly.^^ Only thing you get info on is Spire telling you in the Imperial campaign that you can only send in as many ships as your command limit allows. Not at any point does the game tell you that warping out ships does not only save them from destruction (well...most of the time, sometimes they get eaten by daemons whose realm the warp is), but will also let you receive the remaining ships of the fleets you send into this battle. I actually had quite a few battles by now where I had to warp out a good amount of ships...and I lost at least one to daemons eating the crew. xD