Imperial campaign crash on 4 champions defeated


As stated in the title, I have just killed the final champion of Abbadons for the mission "The Chosen of Abaddon" (Nurgle guy was last one for me) . When I exit the battle and get back onto the campaign map the Spire and Kage start the chat dialogue talking about the battle etc, once the final message is said the game encounters the Fatal error and causes it to close. I have tried doing the battle multiple times and still encounter the same error. Looking on the steam forums many people have also encountered this issue with no fix. I have posted this issue twice now and the post has not been approved for some reason, please get back in touch with a fix as its impossible to progress otherwise




Looks like I am not the only one with this issue the exact same thing happened to me and it would appear it happens regardless of which of the Abbadon's Chosen is the last (tried with 2).
At first I thought that somehow the save got corrupted so I restated the Imperial campaign and I still bumped in the same error. For me the imperial campaign is not completable due to the UE4 Fatal Error after that main objective.

Hope it gets fixed!

Thank you!

I encountered the same problem

There is 2 screenshot, 1 for the moment before the crash and the other with the crash report window.

0_1548717418009_Before game crash.png

0_1548717434156_Fatal error window.jpg

I have tried 4 times and the crash occurs everytime.

I attach a .rar archive with the error report from games files.

0_1548717448152_BFGA2 Fatal error report.rar


I've encountered the same issue, khorne was the last one on my list. I'm 200 turns into the game and completed all bonus missions.

Same with me, got also 200 turns and I hope they fix it. I just loved the game and how the campaigns are made. I really can't complain that much but that big is just awful.

This happened to me as well a couple of days ago and still occurs. Tried today, I'm on turn 116 and the same UE4 fatal error shows up every time I finished the mission. Has anyone had any feedback yet?

The same UE4 fatal error occurs to me as well when I defeat the last chosen, for me its khorne at turn 116. It happens just as I click on close in the mission rewards tab.

Same happened to me, any fix?

Also getting this problem. It's my only active quest after resolving Aeldari, Ork, and Tyranid Threats. My last lieutenant was Nurgle. I kept from skipping dialogue and let it run naturally. It crashes when it tries to award me the goods for Chosen of Abaddon (it almost seemed it was trying to upload the next quest). I was not at 200 turns though, it was 159 for me.

Absolutely love the game and campaign map style for this. Do hope it gets fixed because of course I need to complete the Emperor's work. Ave Imperator!

Same position 200 turns in, crashes on the reward section of the final chaos champion (khorne) for my play through. Honestly I'm one of those that brought this game because I adored the campaign from the first one. I was super excited for co-op but thats unplayable at the moment and this games saving grace for me was the single player and now I can't even play that. Have they given us any updates on this? on timescales? unfortunately I played the campaign too long for a refund 😞

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It's a message from a dev on Steam forum :

From Jellyfoosh
Hey everyone,
Sorry about these issues. There are two bugs reported in this thread; the Necron crash, and the Chosen of Abaddon crash. Both have been resolved and will be fixed in our next patch (the team is working hard to release it this week, but in order to test it thoroughly we may have to delay it to next week. Fingers crossed!)
For the Abaddon crash, there is a temporary workaround. When you finish the battle, you must make sure one of your fleets is under 900 Fleet Power. The game should resume as normal then. If this doesn't work for you, please let me know, thanks!
Unfortunately, for the Necron crash, the only current workaround is to restart the campaign (or just wait for the patch).

I tried and it work, but for more safety i put my 3 fleet near 900 power fleet before the battle and i rammed and blast my own ship (not destroyed, i'm not a fool) for some ships which is full health with torpedos when the Abbadon chosen was nearly dead to ensure the solution given by this dev.

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Thats great! thanks for posting the message from the devs. Going to give it a go now.. Thanks to the devs for getting back in touch as well

I have a problem where I completed the killing of the second champion (sorcerer in Caliban system), started talking about seeing the dark angels at Caliban and then suddenly I was booted back to main menu.

Try to reload my most recent saves and nope boot back to main menu.

So frustrating it's unreal.

So I've tried the temporary workaround of making sure that one of my fleets are below 900 when the battle ends, in fact both my fleets are below 900, but i still get the crash. Does this mean both fleets combined value needs to be below 900 or am I just screwed until and possibly even after the patch?

No luck for me on this. I still get the same UE4 fatal error after completing the chosen. If by under 900 due you mean all combined fleets? I have two I used and both where around 600-700 each when I completed the mission.