The balance patch helped corsairs much more than I expected, and shroud, I think, is the reason I have won any PvP games at all at this point, but I am struggling with some match ups in particular, but first, some opinions about the current meta I would like to see if they line up with others;

Battleship voidstalker kinda useless; also pulsars: When you look at starcannons vs pulsars, the spirit stone targeting and spirit crystal lenses just make starcannons great at shredding... anything really, given enough time. Pulsars seem like they do pitiful damage for how often they fire, and it is really hard to use them effectively. I almost wish they were a ship skill, like fighters or torps. In a similar vein, while it has 4 figher bays, the lack of starcannons and the fact that I fell like you can do more with 2 kurnous class that with a void stalker, i don't really take the big battleship. Too much FP taken up for too little.

Now for some PvP questions:

Fleets I use:
1 of all the following: Vaul, Kurnous, Shadow, Aurora, Eclipse, Aconit, Nightshade:
A very hodge-podge fleet, I know, but it got me all of my wins so far. Good mix of abilites, lot of torps.

New fleet I'm thinking of using: 3 Kurnous, 1 Shadow, 1 Solaris, 2 Aconit.
Very fighter-bomber based, but I am concerned about running into necrons, but then again, tons of starcannons for that.

Skills: usually disruption bomb, and something else. Don't have the eldrich storm yet, but think ill include that once I get it.
Upgrades: spirit stone targeting and spirit crystal lenses, b/c why anything else. True the latter might be redundant with disruption bomb, but what else should I take?

Problem matchups (for me):

Drukari: get shredded at long range, lose track of them due to my escorts getting picked off and shadowshields, and at close range boarding does a number on me.

Necrons: Teleport on top of me, then use that nasty little electrical discharge they have.

Tyranis: I've met some clever nid players who use shroud to confuse me, which is the intended idea, but they never seem to split there forces into small enough pieces to give the superior trades needed. That and pulling me into their fleet usually results in a drifting hulk at best.

OK matchups:

SM: Fine until they close. then it's drifting hulks for days. Or if my shields drop/gen dystroyed.
Tau: As long as I never stop moving, and don't run into a kroot/demiurg ship in a gas cloud, ill usually win. It just takes a bit. their fighters and bombers do feel really strong though.
Orks: Same as SM.

Good matchups: Anyone else. Poke and steal point until they split their fleet, pick off escorts, go to town on the rest before they can ball up again. If revealed and too many ships converging, run to nearest gas cloud/roid' field.

And advice on Poor and even OK match-up is greatly appreciated, as is some skill and upgrade advice. Anyway, hope this is not too bad to read through, thanks in advance if you reply.