Can't seem to complete this mission where we need Admiral Spire to have 900 fleet size in Chinese version of the game (mission name 'Preparation for the end times')

Hi there, we here @ Chinese player community wish to report a bug: we can't seem to complete this mission Preparation for the end times '准备时间尽头 ' despite having all requirements meet. Its a well-known bug in Chinese forums but I don't see it being reported in other languages. Please take a look if the text translation is incorrect and/or there is a bug with the mission quest in Chinese localisation

Attached are screenshots and a save-file with the said issue.
0_1548681713400_BUG Save.sav
2_1548681856728_QQ图片20190128212402.jpg 1_1548681856728_QQ图片20190128212348.jpg 0_1548681856727_QQ图片20190128212334.jpg
Many thanks!

Edit: I've included English text for the mission name.

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Hi @canemxiao
Sorry to hear you're having issues, and thanks for reporting it with your sav file and the screenshots. We are investigating the issue and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

@canemxiao The issue has been found and we will have a fix in our next patch! 🙂