Tyranid spore explosion transfer bug

Hey guys, I played a tyranid civil and encoutred a bug. My escort dash into enemy's hiveship and use spore explosion.Then I cilk my flagship -a Corrosive Clutch Devourer. And then my flagship exploded immeadiately and a spore field generate around its body. I believe it's a bug because
1 At that time my flagship had 80-90% health.
2 Corrosive Clutch Devourerso dosen't have spore explosion ability.
3 Spore field generate around my flag ship's body but not around my dead escort.

Luckily I record it and upload the replay online. Here's the link.
link text This incident accur between 02:58-03:09

@hivelord-cosmos did your flagship get boarded a few times?

watched the vid, pretty sure your flagship got boarded
tho i cant read the language to set to higher quality video to be sure
either boarded by the hive ship nearby as it does 18 crewdamage and your flagship only had 18 left or assault boats as you didnt have extra info on
double tap alt to see them coming

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Thanks for your reply! I checked my rep again and before that happened my flagship already suffer three enemy hive ship‘s boarding action so I think that is not the case.I have 12 man left before the ship dead. And I have a rep file of higher detail, may I send it to you if that‘s convenient?