Silver Dawn Unbeatable

I'm not sure if these is a technical issue exactly but given that after about 10 times trying to complete the mission and failing spectacularly I thought I should bring it up.

-Suicidal Eldar:
On some of the runs through the mission Eldar ships would basically charge straight for the escorting fleet with Eldar ships ramming themselves into said ships.

-Eldrathain Hiding:
On some of the runs I would see Eldrathain's sensor blip moving and positioning itself about as far away as it could while still staying in the map while the other Eldar ships obliterated my fleet.

I'm really not sure if I'm approaching the mission right but I wanted to play through the Imperial campaign on Easy to just have fun with the story so having my entire fleet getting blown away trying to beat this mission isn't my idea of a good time

This is an annoyingly hard mission especially if you have not built up a bit first.
I took it on with 2 Overlords, 1 Tyrant, 1 Dictator and a Dauntless MK2 and even then it took me a couple of attempts.
I positioned my feet either side of the convoy and made sure they engaged the Eldar as soon as possible before they attacked the convoy and then the Eldar focused on attacking them so the convoy was ok.
I did lose the Tyrant and an Overlord still though, so it was a costly mission.

for me, no reinforcements came in to help out
in later missions they work, but not in this one, with every second I was panicking more and more there won't be none to tell the tale