Reload doesn't affect lances (if this is intentional it should say 'doesn't affect lance weapons' in the tooltip.) Pretty important thing for people to know wouldn't you agree? (Don't know if this has been fixed but I read other people confirmed it in the steam forums shrugs)
For Imperial Navy, the tooltip for macro turret damage is the same (18) as heavy/large macro turret damage (18). Hope this is just a tooltip oversight and not actually the damage in game.
The interceptor squadron is extremely buggy (at least in the campaign), they don't engage other squadrons on close pass-bys, but keep going. I've even seen instances where enemy squadrons will reach a line-ship and instead of engaging suddenly turn BACK halfway across the map to engage interceptors that flew right over them. Just code the closest enemy unit to have engagement priority through conditional branching statements, its easy. Don't know why this is a bug.


Please FFS, let us transfer ships between fleets in Campaign if they are of the same faction (or create an auxillary unit limit condition so one fleet can tug a limited number of ships from other faction fleets).
1.) Literally every turn based space sim or military sim lets you transfer ships between fleets or units between armies.
2.) This is an important mechanic to preserve veterancy level of experienced lineships that are FORCED upon you in the beginning of the campaign, while having to compensate with the fleet cap limit mechanic. Example: I want a shiny new battlecruiser, I can't because my fleet cap limit is maxed. But I could if i just moved my max veteran lunar cruiser to a tertiary navy fleet.
Why is there no option to retire a fleet? Why must I suicide a lone flagship into the enemy to retire a fleet? WTF?