Spirit Gate Mission Bug


I know to complete the Spirit Gate mission you have to wait for the warp interference to grow then use the warp jump to break the loop but I think I found a bug. The Emergency warp button is flashing like it's supposed to but the button itself is greyed out and unable to be used. I have tried this many times and it still is unable to be used, I have gone so far as to use every single boarding action possible and it still is never usable.

I have scanned the game twice and nothing. anyone else have this issue?

I can test this and get back to you since I have the mission but did not complete it.

I've had this issue in the past hit or miss. Today it is happening like you described, so still an issue.

So I've beaten it again now, this time my issue was that Spire's ship had a debuff BEFORE the battle that prevented it from disengaging. I had a spare ship in his fleet, promoted him to that, and was able to beat it.