Endless Loading Screen Coop Bug

We have been playing Coop imperial campaign and have been running into and issue where after a battle completes with a victory sometimes we will get an endless loading screen and the sector/system map will never load. We did 5 battles today in the coop campaign and 2 of those ended in this loading screen. I waited up to 20 minutes and had my coop partner disconnect in order to try to break it but it never resolved. After force closing the program I finally did get a crash and I have attached the crash log and DxDiag. I don't know if the crash is from force closing or if it is actually related to the issue.

Has anyone else been having this issue consistently?

0_1548647451173_Crash log and DxDiag.rar

Someone suggested and it seems to fit that it's every other match. Tonight I will try saving and reloading after every battle and see if this resolves the issue. If that's the case that may give a good idea of why it's happening, probably some flag that isn't being cleared?