I've run into a reoccurring error where after ending a turn on the Necron Campaign and all other factions finish their turn, it throws a simple Fatal Error with no additional information and crashes. After reloading the game & save point, it repeats the crash. Included are the three files in the crash folder:




I guess it's some kind of access violation? Not sure since my license of MVS didn't transfer over well when I reinstalled my OS, so I can only see the basics.

Also, I dug around the forums a bit, and while I see a few Necron Campaigns with Fatal errors, I don't have any units on any of scripted systems, so that's not promising.

(Perhaps unrelated, but I have noticed that the game tends to lag a bit when an enemy ship is destroyed, like it might be trying to read/write something to memory and lagging behind. The files aren't fragmented, so I'm not so sure there.)