Adeptus Mechanicus

Let's see those fleet comps, boys. What have you found successful with our sad little faction. Here's what I've been using:
4 Tyrants
2 Defiant LCs
3 Cobras

Thats pretty similar to what I used a few times. I ran the carrier LCs with 3 Tyrants. It was okay and basically always won by cap points with my Tyrants getting chased across the map. Novas were mostly just for anything that split from the chase to deal with the LC, or anything that got caught in a stasis.

Overall its better than trying to run 6x novas, but its still bad compared to what other factions have. Novas are just over priced and the battleship is some sort of special garbage.

Well, with the lances buff I think the Gothic is the best core for the fleet now. You can get a decent amount of them and take advantage of their lances now. I haven't done any math here, but I think you can probably squeeze 5 Gothics into a fleet comp or do something like an Ark Mechanicus and 3 Gothics?

Coming back to this topic a while later, AM is really struggling. I don't really see a reason to go for them over IN. I have put together better Nova fleets just using Dominators than anything AM can put out and their benefits don't do enough to justify their drawbacks. I'll cover this more in depth as I get better at the game though.

AM is paying a lot for novas which are useful only vs certain factions and/or bad players. Also, the reduced troop number hurt them a lot and macro accuracy is not really useful due to lack of long range macro ship.
They would benefit a lot for having (at least) Overlords AM style or the IN GC because ark mechanics is really meh for its cost.
Another possibility would be to let choose if cruisers take Nova or have another front weapon instead (perhaps a special torpedo launcher or additionnal front weapons, a special augur that gives scanning...).

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@beernchips admech with specialty Torps could be really good and make their LC and escorts alot more viable. It makes sense.

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Yeah, I've been laddering pretty hard the last few days. The highest I've hit is Adamantium and the lowest I've hit is Bronze. I'm basically gaining/losing half a rank every game. I have run the following fleets:

1x Ark, 4x Lunar, 1x Cobra
5x Gothic, 3x Nova
1x Dictator, 4x Tyrant, 1x Nova, 2x Gladius or just 3x Gladius
1x Dictator, 2x Tyrant, 2x Gothic and 3x Gladius

As for skills:
Stasis Bomb almost always, then either Probe/Orb/Void Shield/Rad Tempest
Disruptor Overcharge with Gothics, Culexis Assassin and then whatever, depends. (I haven't unlocked everything yet but I'll probably use AP ammo once it's unlocked)

I think 5 is the key number of Novas or else you just don't have enough. Novas can only work massed otherwise they're just not worth it.

The basic strategy is the same on all fleets - try to stay as far out as you can, dish out as much Nova as possible until the enemy inevitably gets on top of you, and honestly just pray you did enough damage before then. It has very mixed success so far.

The Dictator is nice for scouting and some occasional escort sniping. The Ark is an excellent gunboat imo. Gothics are pure critfishers and Tyrants are probably the best "jack of all trades" ships AM have access to. Lunars are only in the first comp solely because they are the only ships whose cost is low enough to make the points work.

Idk, I just feel like the AM package just isn't enough. From what I've read on the forums, Chaos seems to be suffering from the same issues.

Like, I want to be a kiting fleet because my troop proficiency, my troop number and my exceptional accuracy work towards that way. But my ship hulls just aren't suited towards it.

The rotation rate is too low and the speed is only mediocre at best. Worse still, my primary special weapon requires my ships to be front-facing AND pins them for a while before I can rotate back. if you try to use your repair skill for more combustion gauge you're taking a heavy risk that your engines won't blow out while retreating and if they do, you can't fix it.

I'm still trying to "get gud" for now so I don't have any suggestions. I might come back in another day or two of laddering, but yeah. Atm, I'm just STRUGGLING particularly against any non-Aeldari faction that has even average speed.

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