(Spoiler) About the ending/Canon of BFG: Armada 2.

Myself only played Imperium campaign but I already have so much to ask about this story line.
I heard a while ago that Games Workshop accept any WH40k book/games sponsored by them a canon.
However I also heard that Focus Home Interactive announced this game is like a possible scenario in near WH40k future.
Is that mean there is a possibility that Abaddon actually getting killed by Spire? or Is that the Canon already?
Moreover, I thought Planetkiller were already destroyed by few IN Cruisers in one of lores.
Am I missing something? Is Spire now actually a canon character whose lore is going to be killing Abaddon??

@mrthemonman GW actually says all is cannon but not all is true. Much like you can have 2 different countries perceiving events in 2 different ways. It my serve the imperium to turn spire into the hero that destroyed abbadon as a pr spin to make the damage the 13th black crusade caused "worth it."

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@imptastic So is that just the way of GW says "We are not sure about lores also so we are gonna make many stories and might pick one for real some year later."??

@mrthemonman perhaps lol ya there are so many contradictions throughout the lore that they had to make that statement or they would have to retcon out a bunch of novels. I find it to be an interesting approach but the IP is too large at this point to actually make it work.

Both GW and Focus have said the following:

BFGA2 is set in the "Gathering Storm" Campaign - the first game to do so. Where the player picks up is just after Cadia Has fallen. From that point on its a "what if" Scenario.

This means that Admiral Spires Actions in the 12th Black Crusade, himself being lost in the warp after trying to hunt down Abbadon is all Canon Your actions after the Prologue are Not Canon.

Given that Gorilla man is on board, Chances are the Canon Version would be that he and cat-o sicarius Managed to drive back abbadon. With Spire beeing just "some Competent Navy Admiral hanging around"

@androas we all know that abbadon and chaos as a whole will actually be defeated when the orks are convinced they are immune to the influences of chaos, their weapons can kill chaos gods, and that attacking the warp itself is the greatest wagh there could ever be.