fragile trait is bad

just +rng
so no input
no skill

and then you ambush those pointy eared bastards and ram them and the trait does nothing

i suggest remove the crit increase
and bring back the ramming vulnerability like in BFG1
and because the crit rate would be removed, and because eldar became even more slippery
do something like 500% ramming damage to those flimsy ships

so that eldar the most slippery easiest to maneuver ships get punished for being clumsy and outmaneuvered
instead of just random rng rolls
more player input is a good thing

If you are going to do that then make guns on eldar do more damage eldar are super fragile as it is

no they are not fragile
they are prone to crits
but a jaw devourer can ram dead on and do barely any damage
eldar are in no way fragile
and their damage is already so far out of control that its causing ludicrous balance problems and then we arnt even talking about their retarded crit rate
eldar need no help