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Playing the Necron Campaign in Coop shows some bugs.

MAJOR: INFINITE LOADING... when finishing a battle, 50% chance to be stuck on the loading screen after "victory" screen.

MINOR: Displays "Deafeat" when you are the guest player while Host has the correct "Victory" screen.

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I have been playing coop in the Imperial campaign and have both of these same issues. I don't really know what else I can add. Seems pretty repeatable, we had 2/5 fights end up in a hung loading screen and waiting for 5 minutes did nothing to alleviate the issue. One time we saw the defeat screen happen for the guest player.

After waiting about 20 mins and then force closing my program I got a crash. I have attached the crash log information as well as the DxDiag information.

0_1548626608298_Crash log and DxDiag.rar