Typical Competitive

1 .- "Wow, I buy Insugrency. So what is it with us? Competitive? I want to compete with everyone. (2 minutes later). No, I don't like this mode, I'll go from here."
2. "Guys, let's create a clan. We will play 3 or 4 with a cool tag, and our team will have some kind of noob. (After 3 lost rounds). This noob is not able to evaluate our skill, let's go from here and let the match alone.
3. You need to act tactically and not perform the objectives. (4 players pass on the flank and sit in ambush near the enemy base, 1 runs to capture B. After 2 minutes, the round will be lost, but the ambush was not seen by the enemy.)

It is true. 🙂

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..................im not entirely sure what I just read....

@max80 I think he's saying "Insurgency seems like a competitive game... but no, competitive mode isn't good enough. Guys let's play with some random player since there's only 4 of us (he ends up being bad and they leave the match)." And I believe he's trying to say that they tried to flank the enemy at the last part but the enemy captured the objective while his team was trying to flank, so rushing the objective in a less tactical way pays off.

Yet, I don't get his point. Maybe he's saying this is like most competitive games in a way?


I want to say that there should be a team rating and a single or good balancing of teams.

at the moment it's done as badly as google translate 😃

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@planetcanada you are a braver man than I