Another battleplan bug.

I am on round 69 and its going pretty well, on hard. However after watching some people playing online i noticed that they got battleplans from battles.
I think the last time i got battleplans was from a scripted event 10-15 turns ago. I cant remember when i got battleplans before that, must have been in the first mission.

I have big fleets and good income of 800, so i thought it perhaps was due to it going to well for me. But I cant attack those last bastions that needs to be unlocked.

Has anyone had the same issue?
Is my game buggy or am i just unlucky?

Edit probably not a bug, just got one, so unlucky i guess:)

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The battleplans you get from battles are stolen from enemy ships, watch out for a 'scroll' icon on enemy ships status bar. You have to do a boarding action on those ships to steal the battleplan.

It's easy enough to miss if you don't know to look for it, but once you do you'll notice them quickly.