The thread of problems to solve

Feel free to list what problems ar to be solved first in MP or SP to have a better game. Don t hesitate to argue why

1/ Boarding mechanic --> Too easy to kill a ship ignoring all HP/armor/shield he can have
2/ Crit -->Too easy to focus the specific system that render a shp totally useless
3/ Mobility --> For some factions, too easy to rush in from a far distance making kiting almost useless

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  1. lances are currently too weak.
  2. Fleet managment in single player: Inability to exchange ships between fleets and swap the current flagship for a new one (because buying a new flagship can often exceed the point cap of the entire fleet). Inability to completely disband fleets.
  3. I can't have control over my admiral skills during the campaign. I'd like to be able to pay to generate a new random admiral to choose from or even better to create a custom one.

Here I considered only general game changes that I would like. I'm not listing faction specific changes.

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About 1, i might add that it leads to spamming too, on the space marines example, a single BB is just weaker then bringing only MK II cruisers, which can Put out way more boarding actions in the same amount of time. Currently the meta seems to develope towards "bring 6/7 of the same ship and A klick" which, while effektive leads to rather shallow matches.

I would add:

The campaign is broken for some people, as in: crashes of the UE4 engine after some turns. For me for example thats turn 20 on Imperial and necrons campaign, i did Start from scratch after the Release. EndIng turn 20 Allways Crashs the game.

Some map Backgrounds lead to an really hughe loss of fps on some Systems. I Talked to some Players during matches about it, for me most maps are fine (about 60 fps) others drop to 20-30 fps at most. And it seems the game slows down to that for both Players.

The Main Menue screen causes the same Problem sometimes and other times all is fine.

Seems it is the same Problem as with the first game, where the loading Prozess of certain background Elements did lead to an memory Problem.

Weapon damage still feels all over the place, Lances can barely damage ships, which Puts Chaos in a somewhat strange Position and Makes a lot of the imperial vessels weaker then they should be.

If I understand it right the current System reduces the amount of damage Taken by a % of the armor value?

Which means Lances Allways only do 50% damage ever, making them in comparision to the old armor System of part 1 somewhat weaker.

Ordinance seems to be somewhat random in behavior too, and hard to play arround with. Given that one ship launches one flight, with increasing numbers based on bays, it is rather hard to read if your interceptors will defeat the enemys interceptors.

You need to know which ship did send them, and to know how many launch bays the Attacker has to make an educated decision, or you can try to count the number of Modells im any given flight.

Any sort of Indikator would be helpfull in this case, maybe a number above the ordnance Group telling how many wings are included so you can make better decisions about defensive manouvers.

The next thing is, fighters seem to be a bit uncertain at times if they should Attack boarding Torpedos or not. I habe Seen my fighters scramble in the way of incoming boarding Torpedos and entirely ignoring them, as i have seen them picking the torps off. But I could not Figure out when they do what. In all cases there have been only my fighter wings and the boarding Torpedos in the area so no distraction.

Dark eldar missiles. I dont know if it is intended but dark eldar weapons (the missiles) sometimes (if the Distanz to the enemy is rather short, below 4.5) just circle arround the enemy ship 2-3 times before hitting.

Buttons are greyed out sometimes.

I found this happening especially with Admech, after firing a Set of Nova cannons, and Re selecting my ships, the Button is greyed out (charges are left) And it Stays unusable until i Re select the ships.

Happens as well during a high energy turn move. Forcing me to Re select the ships to get Access to the Nova cannons aswell.

Necrons inertialess drive.

While you can Re align the ship during inertialess drive jump (Set a way point in the Direction the ship is suposed to face after the jump, you need to Put up the movement order during the animation) it is a really akward and clunky way to use this mechanic.

Just to add:

The skills, Upgrades and picture selections need to stay Selected in the pre battle screen

The campaign come close to a okay multiplayer mode and should be transform in such :
AI just really suck at battle they are dumb as rock , story telling is ... lacking , the controls are clunky . The ressources balance at least for the imperium is bad , AI suck at strategic map they are super previsible and don't act much.

The "urgence" mechanics is there to hide the ugly broken mess that is a campaign if you just wait a bit . 2000 power in defense while you have 800 point max and if you are unlucky the place have mine and you can only bring 1000 power cause fleet limit is around 500.

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@aram_thehead said in The thread of problems to solve:

  1. Fleet managment in single player: Inability to exchange ships between fleets and swap the current flagship for a new one (because buying a new flagship can often exceed the point cap of the entire fleet). Inability to completely disband fleets.

You can absolutely swap out your flagship. Click the fleet, click the ship you want to be flagship in the left side fleet panel, click promote to flagship, right above disband the ship. The annoying part comes in counting the points to build the fleet.

Say your fleet is two Khopesh's. And you want a sythe harvester and a shroud. You gotta disband one Khopesh, hire the shroud, make the shroud the flagship, then disband the other khopesh, and finally hire the harvester. Then make the harvester the flagship if you so choose. And this is just for necrons, who have less options than the rest. Could absolutely be streamlined though.

@hellhound the problem is that often you can't buy the new flagship. Let me explain: say that your point cap is 400 and your current flagship is a harvester (290ish points) and you want a reaper (350ish) as your flagship. You can't do it. Because you first have to buy the reaper, but 290+350 exceeds the 400 point cap by far. I wish there was something like "buy new flagship" that automatically disbands the old flagship for the new one, without having to buy the new one first, then promote it and then disbanding the old one.

400 pts is actually the one moment that equation becomes wierd. Necrons have no combination of two that can fit a reaper and a second ship, not even an escort. But then again, you cant even build reapers with only 400 pts, so that point is moot.

Lemme be clear, I too want a swap in and out feature. But lets switch up your example real quick. Say 500 pts. Thats still more than 290+350. You can, however, still get your reaper flagship. You have to buy a cheaper ship, promote that to flagship, sell the old harvester, buy the reaper, and then sell the cheap ship you just bought in order to get the reaper at all. It's bullshit. But it is feasible.

@hellhound Yes, it is feasable, but I also have to pay for another ship that I absolutely don't want lol. It doesn't make much sense.

Speaking of things that need fixing, and since there are more balance threads than grains of sand on Tallarn, all the fatal errors in campaign. It’s easy to get stuck and have to restart because of them, and having to play through the Necron campaign 3 times because the game doesn’t want me in the agripina sector has not been fun. There are other bugs, obviously, but given how much the campaign was advertised being playable should be a core issue, especially considering the effect is having on the ratings. The game started in the nineties and has been sinking further into the seventies since this morning.