Guess I'll try campaign again in 2-3 months. It's boring and buggy now

No hotfixes, people reporting about difficulty bugs and fatal errors, some upgrades are bugged ( Did Tindalos even test their game internally? Did they playthrough their campaign on hard as all races?

Tindalos were horrible with Etherium, many problems were in BFGA1 and now we have BFGA2 with another bunch of bugs and unpolished stuff (I'm not saying about coop, but the rest of game).

Tindalos, you don't even make community update on weekly basis. Like "We managed to solve this, we're going to do this next week or next month". Lack of transparency makes me regret with not refunding game because I've played it already enough so Steam won't refund. But if situation won't change, I won't buy your next DLC / games.

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Well the last test for the campaign was that "we need 30 testers" to play the campaigns. I was allready sceptical when the "application form" asked: are you over 18? Did You play RTS in the past? What's your email?

It's a bit ironical that some of those problems are copy Paste from the first game....

But hey, maybe they learned and go about fixing them.

But then... they Released close to the weekend and did not consider keeping the Office Staffed for such problems....

Basicaly, i think with an better Q&M plan and a better Organisation they would get far more done

@existor Could you describe the bug? Because this screenshot doesn't show least for me.

im also finding a crazy amount of bugs ranging from simple missing text to orks cut scene freezing the game.

yep just happened again and there goes my refund request. its just unplayable as a single player atm.

I havnt started the campaign because i heard the AI is dumb as a bag of rocks. I noticed this too when i was playin vs Nid AI. They got DoW 2 level Ai and all they care about is capping...... I hope they invest some time to make AI more dangerous instead of just giving them more ships.

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@canned_f3tus ironically the ai performs better without cap points... even though they say to its a better experience with it on. though if you just start up a campaign atm its default on random, i wonder why?