Archeo Gellar Field not working ?

This point of interest is supposed to prevent invasion on that system (unless it is Aelderi)

Yet a tyrannid fleet is invading it. Did I misunderstood the description or this is because it is a scripted invasion or bug ?

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You need to level it to level 3.

@bosie Description says level I prevent assault on the -Obsidian Depths- system...the exact same system being assaulted on the screenshot

can confirm i have it level 3 and am still getting nid invasions

I had mine up to level 3 and I had invasions happening. Regardless, level 1 says that specific system is immune by default.

Yeah, it's not working; I have the thing at level 3 and I'm still getting invaded.

I believe the 'nid invasions are scripted (as part of the Tyranid invasion story arc) and as such are not affected by the planet upgrade. I had it at level 3 when they happened, but after fighting them off (currently on turn 125 of medium campaign) haven't had any other invasions in that sector aside from Eldar - so seems to be working on my end.

@yorilo the invasion on my screenshot appeared after I completed the Invasion part 1 scripted mission (3 reinforcement fleets arrived)

It’s scripted to be invaded by either one or two Tyranid fleets once you complete the Belis Corona mission no matter what.

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