Give ammo to buddies

can we be able to give ammo to our teammates that are using the same weapon that we are using? or maybe a class that can give the most commonly used type of ammo (Security gives 556 while Insurgents give 762 or 545, maybe 2 to 3 mags per person, or the carrier could have a total of like 15 mags that he can use and can also give them to other teammates). Maybe for coop only, it could also be a special kind of coop mode where you can't re-arm so this class would help out. I didn't find topics on this.

You experience lack of ammo in coop mode? You can refill literally on every captured point.

I believe that Insurgency is all about simplicity when it comes to game mechanics. And all this artificial ways to promote teamwork doesn’t work. Look at BF5... I played it for a month and everyday had one single problem. Since DICE have decided to cut ammo for players in half, so it will improve tactical gameplay and team cooperation, you need to ask for ammo constantly. Or build dispenser on the base. Players who play support are blind and deaf. Nobody throws pouches - nobody. It will never work. Never.

For example, in Insurgency, we have one great example of balancing and promoting team play. Commander and Observer. 5 out of 10 games, Commander and observer are on different sides of the map, because some players don’t care.

If I sound a little bit aggressive, don’t worry 🙂 I respect your suggestion. That’s just my opinion.

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With refill boxes, already 3 mags on you and 1-3 bullets to kill it is hard to run out of ammo .. happened to me few times when I didn't refill at all so I finished that objective with pistol .. or you can pick up guns from the ground ..
I mean I have no problem it being implemented but I would find too many other things with higher priority to really care 🙂

DoI had this and we used to use it often. Both the support classes ammo box drops, usually to hand the gunner another belt, and passing clips around since Garand ammo especially can burn pretty quick.

And yes, in coop running out of ammo is fairly commonplace unless you're playing on a server which starts with a mountain of supply points. The weapons simply don't do enough damage so ammo gets burnt through by the tonne.

@whitby I agree and have also made mention before somewhere on here that it would be nice if they would implement that feature from DoI where at the very least the commander could call in an ammo box even if just a smaller box only providing bullets and maybe smoke grenades as to not feed spamming of explosives etc...

@planetcanada that's a good idea. Calling it in as a drop, maybe on a different gamemode that doesn't supply as many ammo boxes.

@smoussie I've had buddies run out of ammo and i couldn't really do much about it even tho I had about 6 magazines on me.