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Whats up guys, I'm posting here because I want you guys to know about my new video series about Spintires and map making. I'm going to do a bunch of short videos showing some easy tips and tricks that makes map making take a little less effort. I have years of experience with the editor and Spintires/Mudrunner , and I want you guys to check it out. I'm not out here to bash people, but I'm here to see if I can get people to make better maps by taking what I've learned and sharing my knowledge with the community. I have several great video ideas planned, and I think everyone will like them.

The Series introduction video comes in at about 12 minutes. Enjoy!

Youtube Video

Ok Roughrider. This is the second time you have talked trash about Diablo Trails. The images on steam clearly show it had more detail than what was in your video. I am not going to say that you knew this map was messed up by an update or some other issue but I find it strange that you chose out of all the maps on the workshop and all my maps this one which was broken to use as an example. But thats fine its fixxed now. Enjoy. 2_1548724673954_20190128190800_1.jpg 1_1548724673954_20190128190459_1.jpg 0_1548724673944_20190128190433_1.jpg

I honesty had no idea. Im not trying to be demeaning at all. I looked at the surroundings and identified technical flaws with the scenery. In no way am I trying to downgrade anything. I just wanted to look at these screenshots and identify techinal flaws that people should avoid when making a map. I disnt name any maps out good or bad, because i wasnt trying to pit anyone up or down. This was purely an observance video.

Well I think with the amount of shit that I have taken off this community you could find someone else's map. All I did was release a map without advertising or saying shit on the forums and now you decide to make this video trashing my map for the second time. How would you feel about it?

I suggest you accept my friend invite on steam and we discuss this issue.

Ok i see your online so let me qoute you from my original version of this map on " RoughRider
Sep 15, 2016 4:31 am

I think that the different textures really mislead about what this map is. I expected it to be a high quality map but really they have just used good textures and created a sub-par trailing map. Details are missing. If you are looking for realism,and good trailing, then don’t waste your time on this map.

Ok so you dont have the balls to talk. Im just going to say this one thing and that is Diablo Trails is a 64x64 map that took me over 6 months to make the first time. I remade several of the trails for Mudrunner when I ported it. I do want to apologize to the community if I uploaded to steam improperly but you and the rest of the people who want to trash my work can kiss my ass. There were no tutorials or anyone who helped me make maps. I learned everything from trial and error. If Ive done nothing but put out shit maps then I apologize again. I did my fucking best and never asked for a single donation. So fuck me right?

Alright guys. I've got the second video up and it briefly covers how that I make my hills, cliffs, and mountains look better than just a vanilla slope by using a V-Shape movement pattern with the geometry tool. Many more videos are to come and some cool topics as well. This video is short so everyone can get the idea of what is happening without getting too bored.

Let me know what you guys think!

Youtube Video