How to Make Necron Great Again

I will list problem and their respected suggestions
Problem: Necrons suffer from skill shots due to their low speed and long jump CD
Suggestion: Greatly reduce jump CD and half it's range then slightly reduce movespeed but increase turn rate.
Reasoning: Makes Necron a mobile race but in a very unique way. Allow them to dodge skill shot if they use their jumps
intelligently but will still be punished for having jump on CD at the wrong time.

Problem: Necron suffer from critical damage often and lacks the mean to quickly remove them.
Suggestion: Introduce a new type of "shield". Made out of swarm of scarabs. This swarm shield will reduce the probability
of necron suffering from critical hit by it's percentage. Example: at 100% swarm shield, necron ship can't be
critically hit. For every attack that hits the ship, 50% of the damage is is also deal to the swarm. The shield
regenerates constantly. While the ship has over 50% swarm shield, the ship can't be targeted by teleport.
Reasoning: It is makes necron less vulnerable to critical hit and it's lore friendly. Scarabs were used by necron to repair
things. The more scarabs there is the more likly that any critcal damage dealt will be quickly fixed and have
no impact at all.

Problem: Necron hits like wet noodle and can't win long range shoot out against orks.
Suggestion: Introduce more gimmick way to deal damage base on positioning. Ideally active unique for each ship.
Example: (Active) target any friendly ship to create a line of damaging energy beam
between them.
(Active) the ship phase out and travels forward for some distant damaging all ship in it's
(Active) the ship sends all it's scarab swarm shield forward in a cone to damage enemy base on
it's shield value.
Reasoning: Each race should feel unique. This change also fits necron being super advance with all the gimmicky tricks.
Also complements change 1 to make necron a race that plays on smart timing of ability and positioning
rather than raw weapon strength.

I'm not sure that reducing the teleport cooldown will save necrons from spam novas, however I do agree that it would still be very helpful and I also agree about turning rate. Also critical hits are too easy to take right now, I agree on that too. I'm not sure about firepower though, I used to think that more DPS is needed, but dispersed lightning arc can help a lot. I think that here there is another issue that is missing: morale. They are the only faction with no way to gain it back. I could throw in also boarding, but that is affecting every faction so it's not very necron specific. They have low troop/cost so they suffer little bit more than the other factions though.

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What about a slight increase in the CD for Inertialess Drive but allow it to stack to 2-3 charges that can be used back to back?

A CD decrease might make them much more powerful but once you've used the stacked charges and are in combat, having the stacked charges won't increase their effectiveness. It would simply allow an escape to make use of the Necron hull repair.

Obviously, they just need to create a giant wall and have the Tyranids pay for it.


More on topic:

  1. Great idea, I wonder how this will affect Necrons and other factions when they can effectively jump into blind spots more easily, but I think a good compromise could be achieved. I'd personally say that perhaps giving them another movement skill would work as well, A very short 2 second boost in speed which then allows them to dodge more easily and more often.

  2. Great idea!

  3. I would say, in this case, it could do to make their ability to attack multiple ships at once more powerful, make it so the necrons gain a distinct advantage in close quarters fighting, even getting buffs to their damage when they can hit more and more ships at once. Forcing players to spread out or run away, which in turn gives the necrons more ability to harass.

I do like the idea of the energy beam though, though I reckon that'd be hard to implement. How about, with the scarab defensive swarm, that multiple ships can actually form a shield together with it, allowing the necrons to create a barrier where multiple ships working together will have increased protection, and the ships behind them can be almost completely safe for as long as the swarm survives... Those swarms will take care of bombers and torpedoes aswell.

@alandauron I like this idea of a teleport with charges! 3 charges of teleport would allow necrons to dodge, but if the player uses all of the charges very quickly, he will still be punished by abilities, which is good. One thing though: If each of these 3 charges allowed necrons to teleport to the same distance that they can teleport to now (which is 9k), then necrons could potentially instantly travel 27k. In the lore it would be ok, but balance-wise it would not in my opinion. They still need a little bit more mobility, so I'd say that each of these charges should allow something like a 4k teleport.

(Active) target any friendly ship to create a line of damaging energy beam
between them.

isn't this already in the game? Lightning link ability.

Necrons need halved teleport distance and triple-shorter cooldown.

It can be their way to escape boarding and nova spam.

I really like these ideas, especially the scarab swarm one! It's very fluffy, solves the issue of critting (and critical hits) very nicely, and makes it so that Necron's are very, very resistant to attrition across the board. They have to be brought down via decisive, focused strikes, whether it be via damage, morale, boarding, whatever.

As for overall DPS, while I like the idea of Necrons having a good few abilities on each of their ships (representing how advanced they are, tech wise), I also think a general stat and points increase across the board would also be warranted.
For example:

  1. Lightning Arcs RoF improved to 10 seconds, from 15. (edit*)
  2. All line ships get bumped up a speed class (+40) and a rotation class (+4)
  3. All ships get a bit more hull, 100 for escorts, up to 600 or so for the Cairn
  4. to compensate, all ships get a bit more expensive, LC's go up to the 200's, Cairn up to at least 550, etc
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Lightning Arcs RoF reduced to 10 seconds, down from 15.

This would actually be an increase in rate of fire, because currently the reload time is 15 seconds. So they would shoot more often if the reload time got reduced.


Ah, yeah, true. My mistake on the wording, but regardless, the effect is clear.
Should anything be done for Gauss Whips, or are they fine as they are now? Having them be stronger AP than other faction's lances might be interesting, reducing armor to 25 like previously, while everything else stays at AP 50?

@lordprinceps it would certainly help given the general armor buff. They don’t need a rate of fire increase as much as arcs do, as the problem of arcs (shield Regen due to slow fire rate) not being present, though it would help. There has been a lot of complaining about lances being bad recently, so they might get changed overall soon.

@lordprinceps I don't know honestly. In my opinion Necron damage is hard to balance because they have that dispersed lightning arc ability that acts as a damage multiplier, so it can become very powerful very easily. I'd wait for the devs to fix other issues like dodging and critical damage before touching the damage, in order to not to make necrons suddenly too powerful.

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@aram_thehead lances don’t get affected by that stance though.

@nemesor-xanxas Oh you're right my bad. I though @LordPrinceps was still talking about lightning arcs. Sorry about that. I'm not sure even about them honestly. They already pierce shields which makes them better than other lances, I'm not sure.

That's fair; honestly, I think their lances may be in a good place, it's just their lightning arcs that really need a touch up. It might be interesting to give Necron weapons a secondary effect, like extra collateral troop damage on crits?

While I agree with you in principle, dispersed lightning arcs isn't a straight damage multiplier. The higher regeneration provided by their hull stance often makes the opportunity cost of dispersed lightning arcs too high often, and it's effectiveness is contingent on the enemy really bunching up.
On the other hand, though, making the inertia less jump faster to recharge will certainly make it more effectively regardless, since necrons will be more able to easily reposition to take advantage of clustering.

@lordprinceps Yeah, better repositioning would help a lot. If we could also re-orientate ships after the teleports would be nice. I think that in the tabletop they could turn faster while using intertialess drive.

Ah, you're right that the necron lances do pierce shields, but I personally find that no necron ship really has enough of them to make a difference against heavily armored enemies. A necron fleet might see a total of 16 lance DPS at the absolute maximum (4x Scythe Harvesters), whereas an Imperial fleet can match that with, for example, 4x Gothics (and that's just counting only one broadside, not both!) for a bit over half the price. Necrons in general have very limited access to AP weapons in significant numbers.

@lordprinceps at the moment every faction lances are really weak. Chaos is the faction that is suffering the most because of this. I hope they buff all lances.

Agreed, but regardless of the strength of lances as they are, Necrons don't have access to very much AP firepower at all. A blanket lance buff should have first priority, but I'm still thinking that Necrons will need either more lances on their ships, or the lances they already have should have a DPS boost as well.

That or a lance escort would be nice!

@lordprinceps I am not well versed enough in game mechanics to guess the balance effect of adding secondary effects. I can complain about Necron base issue, like being more expensive than an apocalypse for cruisers, but you’d probably have a better idea about them than me. On the matter of lightning arcs though, I think the stances real weakness is it really depends on the enemies fleet composition. If he brings 4bbs, or a carrier fleet which will naturally be far apart, it’s useless. If he’s player merchant tau escort spam, he’s doomed.

Oh I missed some posts. Anyways, as you noticed @LordPrinceps anither big issue is Necrons aren’t worth it point for point. Stat wise I mean. Obviously a cairn isn’t going to get 500pts Of hp but it should of DPS. They need just a blanket DPS buff so that a cairn is roughly worth ~500pts Of IN ships and so on. Of course new ship options are already asked for but not expected atm, so a lance escort before March is unlikely.

@Aram_theHead yeah the lack of a turn is probably the biggest maneuverability flaw the Necrons have. There isn’t a great deal of use to a tekeport which makes you always face the wrong direction.

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Exactly; perhaps there could be an opposing weapon stance as well that, while active, gave lightning arcs a minor version of armor piercing? For example, if AP is reverted back to reducing armor to 25, this hypothetical stance would give lightning arcs AP 50 instead of 25.

Overall, I think what the Necrons should be, and as such what their mechanics should represent, boils down to one or two sentences.
A highly elite (meaning few but powerful ships) fleet that excels in battles of attrition. Their weakness should be enemies focusing on single ships at a time and quickly beating them down to mitigate Necron's advantage in attrition, but they have the tools to mitigate massive alpha strikes if the player is competent (jump to reposition an overextended ship, solar pulse to negate massive torpedo and bomber volleys)