reclamation pool is a bad feature

a little insignificant farm on what should be a barren world built by tyranids is just stupid and achieves close to nothing
it would be far more useful to have something giving me points for the endless waves of eldar i am killing in this system
these swarms that could blot out the stars are supposedly filled with a race thats close to extinction
they sure would be nice to add to the biomass for my fleets
but the thousands of ships i have been killing from all those swarm factions like eldar and mechanicus are giving me nothing and instead my tyranids are busy plowing a little artisanal potato farm on the planet
its stupid, lore breaking and bad game design

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There is an upgrade for that but it only is onlocked later in the campaign.

And if you remove that building you have to also seriously reduce upkeep or remove it all together.