the massive balance problem thats very obvious in the campaign

im playing tyranids
stopping an invasion of mechanicus with a fleet of about the same points
my 5 elite ships have already cause the deaths of about 10 mechanicus ships and run another 8 off the map
yet their unending waves of disposable cheap novacannon carrying units never end
they have more novacannons then i have had drones in the entire campaign
they come in giant tides that blot out the stars and my rediculously expensive army of elites just cant stem the tide
slowly but surely i am losing systems and im completely out of troops to board while they keep lightning striking my ships
already one has died as a hulk

do you see the problem in this scenario?
i shouldnt have mentioned i was playing tyranids and have people guess which campaign i was playing
if they knew anything about lore they would have guessed i was playing necrons and fighting tyranids
but the balance in this game is so bad that its upside down world where tyranids are the lownumbered faction
and its not like the ships have any quality to justify that cost

I haven't played the Tyranid campaign yet, but that does sound pretty unbalanced, I wonder if other tyranid campaign players have the same problems you're facing.

ive noticed that removing domination actually makes the game harder in reference to the nids... if they have control points they will all mob on 1 point then you nova canon 3 or 4 times the you look at the victory screen. referring to the imp campaign here.

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@imptastic I don't have this issue so far, though they tend to all kinda attack a single ship, so I can sacrifice a ship just to get them bunched up, or go really long range and pepper them constantly, focus on their engines and such.

i was just noticing how much more balance it seems to turn off the points then to have them on... if all their ships bunch up its pretty easy to nova the blob and win the cheese is real. turning off the points make them not bunch up so you actually have to fight which makes it harder imo also more fun. Just makes me laugh at the response the devs gave when they said they could remove it but we shouldnt because that will effect the "balance" i also noticed that when i started up the game its default was random showing that they probably realized it themselves but couldnt get past their ego to just admit they were wrong in the first place.


To many reinforcements with bad triggers (more waves) make the tyranid campaign missions very frustrating and even for core gamers downright impossible.

Also the money per turn should be higher from that system upgrade (from 10 to max 15 should be enough) or reduce upkeep. At the moment it would be suicide to build something else then these resources giving upgrades or else you to easyly run dry.

And the repair one should give a repair bonus for all owned clusters/systems while staying the same for the build system(repair rate).

Also spore mines should be buildable even with another system upgrade. I mean they would stack when the spore spreads anyway. Did not confirm if a spread mine stops building something else but i bet it would... silly. Easy to manage but still silly.

Also i like that we can jump from anywhere to where we have an ongoing genestealer invasion, maybe we could have expanded that system for owned systems. Simple because the arrangement of clusters and the lack of dependable income in the tyranid campaign makes invasions VERY frustrating to deal with.

This is for now everything.

In my experience this is worsened by the inability to withdraw ships to make room for reinforcements. I actually want my ships to Feral Instinct out of there because I can't manually withdraw them. Instead I find myself hiding ships in a corner of the map while enemy reinforcements are pouring in. I know nothing of the lore of how Tyranid ships move through the galaxy but it seems to me if they can run away under Feral Instinct I ought to be able to give some form of order to withdraw them to make room for reinforcement. (This highlights what is a general issue with mutinies in my opinion; they withdraw in a different way than is manually possible, sometimes making it desirable to have your ship mutiny, this just happens to be particularly obvious since Tyranids don't seem to have a withdraw mechanism)
If there is in fact a way to withdraw Tyranid ships manually without destroying them, please enlighten me and consider this moot.

@pistonminer if they are in a significant gravitational area like a star system they are confined to sub light speeds outside of that they are ferried around by a special type of bio ship the imps call a narvhal that essentially warps space for them to go from point A to B at a faster than light speed, but is not actually through the warp like the imps. having an a disengage like that would be lore breaking that said the sub light speeds that warhammer 40k claims would put them out of a system in a few hours and utterly destroys relativity math. They should have so many ships and produce them so easily that losing them shouldnt matter but as we can see they ignored this part of lore already so they should probably have a form of disengage.