Banning system

I am tired of being paired with people who struggle to understand tactics and when they lose all their ships they surrender so i immediatly lose a game even without i was winning.

Dont play 2v2 with randoms?

It would be nice if AI took control of the ships of people that capitulated, allowing the other 3 players to continue.

@androas Its not always that easy and that was kinda a dick response


Who stops you from playing 1v1?

And no its not a dick response, it is a simple fact.

You on the other Hand ask for people beeing Banned from playing a game they paid the same amount of money for you did, and not only do you ask for that, you even ask for it without even knowing the reasons for their behavior.
You Put yourself above all others and pretend with your Re quest that you and your idea of how to do things, are some how more important then others.

So again, the solution is this simple:

You want Controll about how the match plays out from start to end? Play 1v1 or play with friends.

But dont act as if you are owed anything by strangers or ask for strangers, which owe you nothing, to be punished because they do not behave as you want them too.

There is a point to it shouldn’t capitulate you because your team mate surrendered.

When the French signed a deal with the Germans in 1940 it didn’t mean the British Empire gave up. That would be absurd.

That said, why are you playing 2vs2 with randoms? It seems like you want to make friends, so make friends with someone who didn’t leave and maybe you’ll have a new 2vs2 partner