Leaderboard Bug

Hello, guys, I was not sure where to ask for help with this so I came here. The day of release I played as Drukhari and got into Adamantium and was one game away from getting into epic. I logged back in later that day and found that not only had my rank been removed but my faction progress had gone from level 5 back to 1, it was like my profile had been completely reset. Today I basically restated and got into Epic and level 7, remember that I had to start from level 1 unranked again. While playing the game crashed so I had to restart my computer. When I got back into the game all of the progress from today and been reset, and weirdly enough, it had been reset to yesterdays rank. So I am currently Adamantium level 5. Guys, I can't play a game that is constantly resetting my rank. To confuse you, even more, I am listed twice on the leader board. As of my writing this I am listed as being number 17 on the Drukhari leaderboard, epic ranked. I am also ranked 50 on the Drukhari only leaderboard as an Adamantium. I am going to stop playing for now as it almost seems as if the game thinks that I have two different profiles and is randomly switching between them. To say that I am a little annoyed is an understatement, I do not know what to do.

I did not want to Necron my own thread but I still need help with this problem.