Ramming and torpedoes damage

Hello, I was just playing the imperium campaign and tried some good old ramming. An Imperial Navy cruiser in all ahead full + brace for impact can take something like 100-200 health point to a chaos cruiser. Isn't it a bit too low? Personally I think it is. I've also noticed another thing. I tried using torpedoes and noticed that 6 Imperial navy torpedoes do about the same damage of a nova cannon shot, although they ignore shields. Since torpedoes require more micromanagment and (some kind of) calculations to hit, shouldn't they reward the player more than an ability that simply requires a mouse click? I know that many complain about Craftworld eldars torpedoes being OP, but here I'm talking about the imperial navy. Also orks torpedoes seem very weak, but maybe that's their design.

ramming damage is calculated by impact velocity. Like when both go all ahead full and hit frontally its doing the most damage.

Torpedoes are very strong already, they are certainly more difficult to evade than noca cannon shots which are fairly easy to evade actually (as most factions anyway).

ramming is really disappointing currently
usually doesnt even kill escorts which is ridiculous

Yep, even with ramming upgrade and using IN ships with the innate ramming bonus you deal really low damages in ramming but you are just melting enemy moral

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I've done great with ramming really, often I can also use it to steer an enemy ship into a bad position, so I've got my battle line and I can just ram the backside of an enemy and force it towards my troops, allowing me to do some good damage while my ramming ship whisks away.

Seems like torpedoes should ignore armor as well as shields. They just dont do as much damage as they should when you land a good hit.

I think torpedoes are in a good place, for most factions.

Oh, they are undeniably weak on the corisairs, firing only four from a cruiser, but for everyone else they're pretty great.

My favorite fleets so far have been IN torpedo fleets. The fastburn upgrade makes them terrific! Also, while the Gothic is an otherwise sad ship, it gets a unique prow that fires its torpedoes really close together, so mixing one or two as a big torp boat is worthwhile.

Nova cannons have that long windup and damage scaling around the center, if you want ideal hits you have to guess where the enemy will be when the windup ends and whether he's burned his mobility already. Torpedoes are a close-in weapon and as such I have a much higher hit ratio on torps than novas. I wish the Mechanicus had alternate ship options that took the plasma enhaced macros upgrade rather than the nova upgrade, just so I could get torps with them too.

The guided torps on tau, if preceded by a fighter wave to absorb turret fire, are amazing for smashing targets even at the midrange. Worth using the piddly chaser guns on the merchants to hold position for a good salvo.

Ork torps aren't da best, simply because orks aren't nimble brawlers and have fewer opportunities to use them. Orks are otherwise amazing, though, so just having the option for when those shots happen to come up is worth it.

Space marines get some good torps as well, solid narrow salvoes with the guided alternate boarding torp, very flexible tools depending on how you want to kill a target, and cheaper than most of the other bow options.

I like torps. Torps are good. when they run out, you still have solid broadsides to finish the job.

Edit: melta torp damage isn't affected by brace, set those fires watch him buurn.

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