What do critical assault actions exacty do?

I know that reguar assault actions kill troops and that when I kill all troops in all the 3 troop steps the enemy vessel becomes a drifting hulk. But what does that "chance of critical assault" do? Does critical assault simply kill more troops than a normal one? How many more? Also: do assault actions disable subsystems? Do critical assault have a higher chance of disabling? Can assault actions damage the hull? Help would be appreciated

As far as i Know, might be wrong so take it with a grain of salt, critical assault Action can damage a Subsystem or cause a fire im Addition to troop damage.

they add a few crew damage to the boarding
should be a separate trait describing it next to the trait describing crew damage
you damage systems when you kill a layer
1 temp crit when going from green to yellow
2 temp crits when going from yellow to red
3 when hulking
temp critting a temp critted system turns it into a perma crit
there is no relation between critical assaults and system crits its just +a few crew damage
only removing layers matter nothing else

@ashardalon Thank you!

should be a separate trait describing it next to the trait describing crew damage

Really? You mean that "brutal assualt" or "surgical assault" icon? It says the chance of critical assault, but not really the additional troop damage. I'll have to check that again.

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every faction has 2 traits about boarding
just the damage, using imperials as example
and the critchanse and effects
the +1LC +2C/BC +3BS is how much extra troop damage it does as mentioned in the tooltip

@ashardalon Thank you. The screenshots made it perfectly clear