[Bug] Joining game from steam friends list does not work

Game crashed when I was in lobby with friends, reloaded, could not join the game by clicking their name and joining. Viewing server info showed several slots open. Accepted invite from friend and was back in lobby but could still not join.

Hey @jacksgrin,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Does this issue still persist, please?

Yes, I can confirm, this issue is still present in the latest version of the game (1.3.1).

To reproduce:

  1. Have a friend who's in a match that has slots open
  2. Open said friend's context menu (dropdown arrow in Steam chat list next to the name)
  3. Select "Join game".

Expected result:

  • Steam launches the game
  • Player automatically joins friend's group/team
  • Player automatically joins the match that a friend is playing

What actually happens:

  • Steam launches the game
  • The game loads just like from a normal start, to the main menu
  • Player is not in friend's group
  • Player does not join friend's match
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The issue is still present in v1.4 so bumping this up.

Hey @matthewmorek,

Thanks for the details for reproducing this issue. I'll pass it on to our team, so they can look into it.

Still cannot join to friend - 25.09