Am I the only person who absolutely hates the current implementation of the bulk system? It is excessively restrictive to the point that players can't carry perfectly reasonable combinations of attachments and gear in the loadouts. I find myself constantly having to make irritating compromises in my loadouts. I think the one that irks me the most is related to how carrying an M14 with a scope , bipod, and suppressor is so "bulky" that I can't carry a pistol or grenades. Which would probably bother me (a little) less if there was a less bulky rifle option for the security marksman role (or if the security side had a 0 bulk sidarm like the insurgent have). Even then, I have tried running attachment combinations that see regular use for actual soldiers on the M4 and it was so "bulky" in game that I had to make compromises on options in body armor and grenades that would never have to be made realistically.

I also feel that the game has a few head scratchers hidden in it. Like why is there a flash hider attachment for the M4/M16 when they come from the factory with a flash hider?